Ostomy Help

How to Choose an Ostomy Bag

Choosing the right ostomy supplies can be hard, with a lot of bags varying in types, styles, and even sizes, and while it does ultimately come down to what you want, you should know the pros and cons of the types of bags.  Here, we’ll discuss how you can choose an ostomy bag that works for you.

Ostomy bags are a small, waterproof bag that collects digestive and urinary waste, and after ostomy surgery, the bodily waste will pass through the abdomen in order to fill up the ostomy pouch. These are typically outside of the body, and hidden underneath clothing. This prevents stool, gas, and urine from leaking out.

Why do I need These?

These pouches are necessary for people that suffer from bowel injuries, chron’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and even pelvic and abdominal cancers. The diversion of waste through this will help with treating conditions that affect the large intestine too.

This bag attaches to your stoma, and from there is designed to collect your bodily waste. Since this doesn’t have a muscle, you’ll want to have a bad, since it can’t control the release of gas and stool.

The design is really dependent on the type of ostomy that you’ve had.

The Different Types of Bags

First, you’ve got the colostomy bags, which is created from a part of your  large intestine, and is typically on the lower left side of your abdomen. This is usually form, formed stool, and that’s why people opt for a closed-end bag on this one. This can be replaced a few times a day, but the output is mostly liquid.  You may have this for a temporary measure after surgery, but if it’s more permanent, the pouch will become an artificial outlet for your bowels in the process.

You also have the urostomy bags, which is where a part of the small intestine will divert the urine from your ureters to the stoma, and from there the bladder is removed or completely bypassed.  Excretion released from this stoma is urine and is present usually on the right side of the abdomen. Since it’s in liquid form, you’ll need to pipe it out and even an overnight bag for some people.

Finally, you’ve got ileostomy bags, which is used when you have the small intestine diverted through a stoma within your abdomen. This is placed on the righthand side, and usually, this is in loose or liquid form, and this is discarded as well. Most who have these will want the drainable bags for everyday actions.

How to Choose the right one?

The best way to choose the right one is to figure out what your everyday lifestyle is, and the different types of activities. You might get a larger one that’s used during nighttime since they help avoid leakage.  If you’re worried about odors coming from this, you’ll want to use a deodorizing product.

They also have different variants, the one-piece and the two piece.  The one piece has a skin barrier and a pouch, but the wafer and the pouch are separate in the two piece ones.

Usually, one piece is a lot more discrete, and are good who participate in sports, or wear clothes that are tight fitting. The two piece is for those have sensitive skin, and they don’t need to be changed as much.  Sometimes, you might have smaller bags for some activities, but larger bags for sleeping.

Whatever you get is ultimately determined by what you want, and the different lifestyle aspects which work for you, and the type of ostomy you had as well.