Ostomy Help

Cleaning Your Stoma

It’s a common question to ask how you clean your body, your teeth, your skin, and even your wounds. Cleaning care is essential when you consider your health in different aspects of life, as you want to make sure no bacteria enters your system when it could’ve been avoided in the first place. In fact, that’s what cleaning is all about: avoiding bacteria.

So when it comes to your stoma, cleaning care is essential to avoid any unwanted contaminants that are coming from outside your body or from within (i.e., stool). Read on for some quick and dirty tips on doing the best you can for keeping your stoma clean when removing your Hollister ostomy supplies (or other brands!) for basic cleaning care.

The first thing to remember is that you need to consider sanitation at all times. Whether that’s before or after, wash your hands thoroughly. Don’t skip this step unless you want to compromise your own health needlessly.

Keep in mind that warm water and a washcloth is the best for cleaning your stoma, as warm water is the most comfortable while doing basic cleaning and also is gentle enough on your skin. You don’t necessarily need gauze or gloves, though if you feel that you want to, go for it. Another thing most people think is essential is using soap to clean around their stoma, but it’s not needed at all. If you do choose to use soap, make sure it’s odorless and doesn’t have any oils in it lest you develop unwanted skin problems.

Sometimes paste is a part of your pouching system, so just remember to remove it from your skin by taking a dry paper towel to it before you end up cleansing. If it’s left on your skin, don’t worry. It’s not harmful and won’t keep the new pouching system from properly adhering to your skin.

At times, blood may be present when you’re cleaning your stoma, and that’s because it has small blood vessels that may bleed at times when cleaning is happening. It’s not cause for concern, though if it doesn’t stop, you should definitely tell your doctor.

Another thing to keep in mind when removing your Hollister ostomy supplies and cleaning your stoma is that you need to be gentle and you shouldn’t use any alcohol-based cleaner at all. This will irritate your skin and is simply not needed. Just as well, don’t use any powder or cream unless you’re instructed to do so by a professional. Again, a simple washcloth and warm water is all that’s needed (as much as it may surprise you).

Last of all, make sure you dry your skin thoroughly when you’ve properly cleansed your stoma, and the new pouching system is ready to go!